For Charities and Non-profits

What is DonatePal?

DonatePal is a simple online fundraising platform which allows you to donate to multiple charities in one transaction. You can choose to give a one-off payment or more regular payments, i.e. daily, weekly or monthly. With our user friendly checkout, users can make a donation in under 30 seconds using our website or mobile app.

We allow users to find charitable causes based on their interests which gives all charities more visibility and access to more donors. Users have more control over who they donate to and how much they donate. We know that 92% of millennials and Gen Z are more likely to donate using a mobile device. So, we listened and created an easy to use mobile app.

For more information about us and how we started click here.

How much do we charge you?


We don't charge you anything. You get 100% of the donation. We do, however, charge the donor a fee to cover the cost. Our charges; If using a UK / European Card: 2.9% + 25p; If using a Non-EU/UK card: 4.9% + 25p. If using a US card (for USD): 4.9% + 35c. If using a Canadian card (for CAD): 4.9% + 40c.

What we can offer you

Free for charities

We don't charge charities any fees to be on our platform

Extra donation stream

Signing up to us will open your charity up to new donors

Donation system

You can use us as your website's donation system

One of the lowest fees

The fees we pass to the user are one of the lowest out there

Gift aid enabled

We can provide you with gift aid data which you can use to make claims

Low minimum donation

We have the lowest minimum donation amount (10p)

Donor data

We allow you to export donor data for those that have opted-in

Campaign pages

Users can fundraise for multiple charities (up to 10) on each page

Mobile app

We have an easy to use mobile app to make donations

Register Interest

If you're a charity then we would love to work with you. Register your interest and we'll get you onboard. If you are a donor and would like a charity to be on our platform, please fill in the form below and provide us information about the charity. We'll then do our best to get them to join the DonatePal family.

Join our community of charities

  • Lonely Orphans
  • Global Relief Trust
  • One Nation
  • O's Refugee Aid Team
  • Rainbow Trust Children's Charity