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As you may know I was diagnosed with Stage 3 endometrial cancer during lockdown at the very beginning of April. Well, sort of, initially I was diagnosed with something being wrong and then other things happened – scans, tests etc. I then had major abdominal surgery in early May under the care of GRACE (Gynae-Oncology Research and Clinical Excellence) at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Subsequent testing showed that my endometrium had gone off on a frolic of its own and created some tumours which it then had spread about a bit. 

Unfortunately my cells are aggressive. They are flick-knife wielding, balaclava-wearing little buggers. They are not genteel, tea-swigging types. This means I have already had chemo-radiotherapy (after the surgery) and now I am about to embark on 3 months of chemotherapy. My type of chemotherapy is given by infusion every three weeks. I’m having two types and it is (unfortunately) as aggressive as my cells. This means I will be tired and poorly. I will also lose my hair. 

So finally to get to the point – will you please, please, please sponsor me to shave my hair off? I know it’s a bit of a wheeze as I’ll lose my hair anyway. But to see my hair fall out seems like it might be a bit…dispiriting. This way I get to choose the time it’s coming off (two weeks after my first chemo session) and I get to make money for the fantastic GRACE team. 

GRACE do such good work in the fields of research, raising awareness and fundraising. I’d like to set a target of £2,000 as this could fund two prescribing courses for two clinical nurse specialists and would make such a difference to staff and patients. So please support me in Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month Sept 2020.

Thank you!

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  • Anne Brunton

    Created on 6 Sep 2020

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