DonatePal partners up with automated Gift Aid service

DonatePal, the first multiple charity fundraising platform in the UK has partnered up with an automated Gift Aid service.

Swiftaid, a UK based fintech company operating in Surrey, has created a solution to the complexity of filling in Gift Aid declarations when people make digital donations. The pioneering company are capable of undertaking the entire Gift Aid process on behalf of charities, removing the burden of admin and compliance.

Swiftaid is the first solution recognised by HMRC to automate Gift Aid on contactless donations. It handles the entire process: matches a donor to their donation, creates a Gift Aid declaration, sends a claim to HMRC, keeps a record of all declarations and claims; and GDPR requirements and HMRC auditing.

“Working with DonatePal through the integration process was an absolute pleasure. Their platform is new and exciting and will make a huge impact on the charity sector, and now with automated Gift Aid will make even more of a difference at a time that is never more needed,” Beth Michael, Co-founder of Swiftaid says. 

Providing the ability for donors to automate their donations, to multiple charities, all in one transaction, has been the key component for DonatePal. Shan Sheikh, Co-founder of DonatePal, says the partnership with Swiftaid to automate Gift Aid for charities was the next natural step, “We now offer a fully automated service thanks to Swiftaid. It has been great working with them”.  

Gift Aid is a UK government tax relief designed to benefit donors, registered charity organisations and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs). If you are a UK taxpayer, the scheme increases the value of your charitable donation by 25%, meaning every £1 you donate, 25p gets added at no extra cost to you.

According to the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), in 2016 the UK public donated a staggering £9.7 billion to charity, of which £1.2 billion was generated by Gift Aid.