About us

The DonatePal team consists of a diverse set of people who have been donating to charitable causes over the years. In 2017 we came up with the idea of being able to donate to multiple charities easily in just one transaction. This means that one donation can go a long way while saving you time. Our aim has been to make charitable giving easy.

We didn’t just stop there. Giving to multiple charities was at the core of our business, but we introduced additional options to give our users more choice. We introduced automated donations for giving daily, weekly or monthly. We know it’s all about options so you can give small amounts more regularly.

It’s taken us a few years to finally introduce this service to the world because of our other commitments and to be honest it took us a while to come up with a name we all liked.

After a lot of hard work we came up with DonatePal. A donation platform that allows you to donate to multiple charities all in-one-go and on-the-go! We hope you enjoy using DonatePal as much as we do.

Umar & Shan