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The DonatePal team consists of a diverse set of people who have been donating to charitable causes over the years.

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We allow users to find charitable causes based on their interests which gives all charities more visibility and access to more donors.

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Hi everyone! What do you think of our platform, like it or love it?

Robi Chow

I really like the flexibility of making donations whenever I want and I don’t have to keep entering my card details.

Marketing Consultant

Robi Chow
Kieran Kelly

Kieran Kelly

We've started receiving more donations since we joined DonatePal, it's an excellent extra donation stream for us.

Physicians Across Continents

Kelly Louise

Really simple to use app! If you make regular charitable donations, this is certainly the go-to app for you!

Project Manager

Kelly Louise

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  • Global Relief Trust
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  • O's Refugee Aid Team
  • Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

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